Freezin in the Carribean...


As much as I dread traveling, my first day in Constanza was somewhere I'd love to travel again. Day One (Sunday) we all drove up to a waterfall that took quite a a rickety 10-seater truck on the most bumpiest dirt road I have ever been on. But I cannot complain because the view was absolutely amazing, and as we rode up all the farmers waved to us. I could only say "Hola" because that's the only word I can use - because my Spanish vocabulary doesn't exist! The waterfall was so breathtaking. The water was of course freezing but we had so many people from our group jump in. On our way back from the waterfall, we managed to fit around 30 people in the truck! By the way, it was pouring rain so we were all so we were all soaked, sweaty and squished. It was definitely a ride to remember. Later in the evening Robbie asked us all a question which was, "Who is God?" I thought back to the ride to the waterfall because God is the creator of our beautiful earth. He created all of the farmers to work on the fields and mountains to grow all sorts of things. And God has created us to love the earth and love each other. I think that God is someone we can all thank, not only for the beautiful earth, but the people too. I met a couple kids from the school here and I just adore them. Seeing them smile and laugh and play with the kids from our group made my day. I thank God for this trip so far and the beautiful and amazing people I'm with. God is good indeed.