Sunday worship is the focal point of our community, but there are multiple ways to get more deeply involved.  We encourage you to invest in any of these connection points throughout your week. 


Prayer infuses every aspect of Christ the King Newton. We have multiple venues in which members of our community pursue corporate prayer. 

  • Sunday Worship
  • Prayer Group
  • Prayer Chain
  • Bible Study
  • Community Groups
  • One-on-one prayer with Elders

We hold a weekly prayer meeting Wednesday mornings from 6:30-9:30am at St. Mary's church (in the chapter room).  We pray in 15 minute increments, so it is easy to come and go as needed.

Bible Study

Both the men's and women's groups are currently doing a survey of the Old Testament using Tremper Longman's "Old Testament Essentials" as a study guide.  

Women's Evening Group meets twice a month on Wednesdays at 7:00pm.

Contact Meda Barnes for more information.

Women's Morning Group meets weekly on Thursdays at 9:30am. 

Contact Kelly Woolbert or Bonnie Ziegler for more information. (Childcare provided)

Men's Evening Group meets weekly on Thursdays at 7:30pm.

Contact Jeff Woolbert or Andrew Ziegler for more information.

Community Groups

Our community groups are not affinity driven but loosely geographically organized and open to anyone.  Gatherings typically involve a meal, prayer, and discussion of the Bible or a timely topic of the Christian life.  They are designed to be welcoming to families, neighbors, and those who are exploring the Christian faith.  We also seek to serve our church and city through these groups.  Everyone is included!

Newton Centre: Contact Bradley and Meda Barnes.

Wellesley:  Contact Dan and Stephanie Allred

Waltham: Contact Dave and Betsy Brignall. 

Concord (N/West Suburbs): Contact Tim and Mari Alexander.

Youth Group

Our community is blessed with an abundance of children. As our kids grow and seek to find answers to their deepest questions, CTK is there to love and listen. In all things, our aim is to equip CTK's kids to glorify God and enjoy him together.  

Contact Devin Tasker for more information.